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How we got started

A licensed Veteran Owned Small Business Enterprise

Incorporated in 1973 by Lary and Cheryl McCowan, L.C. Insulations, Inc. knows what it means to be a small company.  They set up the office in what few square feet they had in the corner of a bedroom in a modest row home.  Lary found a second hand dining table to use as both his drafting table and executive desk. 

During the day Lary, along with the only other field employee at the time, would set out to job sites to insulate pipes for a few core customers that gave him most of his business back then.  In the evenings he would review blueprints and provide quotes for more work.  It was a tireless and thankless lifestyle for the first few years with little money, little sleep and much sacrifice on both Lary's part and to certain extents even more so on Cheryl's part.  Anyone out there who has ever been the spouse of an entrepreneur needs no further explanation of what is being referred to there.

The hard work, strong ethics,  and treating customers properly quickly added to Lary's reputation.  This added dramatically to his customer base and things finally started to settle in and grow steadily.  At this point their family was growing as well, all of which will eventually add to the company's future growth.

 Every current owner has served his country in the US military, as have a great number of our employees.  We take service to country as seriously as service to our customers, and feel this commitment and the qualities it has instilled in our employees has served our customers well.

Today, L.C. Insulations, Inc. is a multimillion dollar enterprise serving the needs of both the small local business community as well as Fortune 500 companies. We have been blessed to find most of our work in the Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania, but have serviced our customer's needs in Hawaii, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and other areas as may be required from time to time. 

The main proponent of this growth has been our adherence to the principles and ideology that Lary and Cheryl set forth all those years ago. A strong faith in God, country and family along with providing the results customers pay us for is what we excel at.

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We are a full service mechanical insulator, having experience in a number of applications that may be called for, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems
  • Chemical process piping
  • Refrigeration, Ammonia, and Nitrogen piping
  • Rooftop ductwork insulation
  • Process Chill Water, and Heat piping
  • Steam and Condensate systems
  • Printing Presses
  • Food Processing Equip.
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • 2 Hr. Fire Rated Kitchen Grease Duct Insulation
  • Underground piping systems...and many more.

Plumbing Systems - We have a great deal of experience in dealing with a multitude of industrial/commercial plumbing systems. A large quantity of the work is fueled by the need for the customer wanting to gain energy efficiency.

HVAC - Our forte' is the insulation of HVAC systems. From chilled water and glycol pipes to hot water, steam and steam condensate piping, to the ductwork attached to it all, we can provide you with every little detail you may find yourself in need of.



PROCESS SYSTEMS - Solvent recovery systems, Afterburners, Refrigeration systems, Fluid piping (conveying everything from inks and solvents, to chocolate or beer), Pure water systems(used in pharmaceutical plants), and Waste water piping, are just a sample of the process systems we have insulated.